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  • Ideas 25

    Benguiat Buffalo stamped into a tough skin of leather on Tellason’s crispy denim.

  • Ideas 25

    Various Photo-Lettering alphabets used for House Industries letterpressed greeting cards.

  • Ideas 25

    Benguiat Buffalo makes House Industries need to sell out of this series of holiday cards in a single year, or at hang on to them until the next time Christmas falls on the same date.

  • Ideas 25

    Chicamakomiko doesn’t hold back in a season when one is supposed to exhibit tolerance and good will toward alternate cultures.

  • Ideas 25

    Various Photo-Lettering alphabets used for House Industries gift wrap.

  • Ideas 25

    Banjo Playbill smashed into letterpressed stripes on House Industries greeting cards.

  • Ideas 25
  • Ideas 25

    Benguiat Buffalo Freshly Pressed in plastisol from the House/Heath holiday show in 2010.

  • Ideas 25

    West Barnum Ultra makes the scene when bachelor parties get greasy, sudsy and violent.

  • Ideas 25

    Benguiat Buffalo wishes Happy Hanukkah at the House/Partners & Spade 2010 holiday show.

  • Ideas 25

    Benguiat Buffalo lights up Sunset Boulevard at Heath House Holiday 2010.

  • Ideas 25

    Various Photo-Lettering and House Industries alphabets make a 40-ton impression in basswood for the House/Partners & Spade holiday show.

  • Ideas 25

    Various Photo-Lettering and House Industries alphabets pressed into end grain tiles.

  • Ideas 1

    West Behemoth weaves pre-web intrigue with Photo-Lettering’s original Murray Hill phone number, discharge inks and ringspun cotton.

  • Ideas 5

    Before faxes, flatbed scanners and Facebook, West Behemoth broadcast PLINC’s Murray Hill exchange for telephone transmitted alphabetical art direction.

  • Ideas 2

    Benguiat Caslon tops-off PLINC alphabet-enriched sustainably-grown replenishable basswood blocks.

  • Ideas 3

    Child-safe lead-free non-toxic inks highlight the following Photo-Lettering alphabets: Brixen, Buffalo, Emperor Script, Hasler Circus, Tuggle, Exotique, Copeland Milo, Times Square, Behemoth, Behemoth Italic and Brodovitch Albro.

  • Ideas 4

    The secret underbelly of the Photo-Lettering blocks featured an illustrative Spencerian script. Unfortunately it is not possible to bring this style to without the yet-to-be-invented steel nib roundhand filter.

  • Ideas 6

    Benguiat Buffalo and Emperor Script helped usher in House Industries’s Letters & Ligatures show at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Gallery in 2008.

  • Ideas 7

    The Benguiat Buffalo full wall installation at the Letters & Ligatures show.

  • Ideas 8

    Times Square reversed out of lacquer and masonite at the Letters & Ligatures show.

  • Ideas 10

    The O’s counterspace hangs on tight in this Hasler Circus dimensional installation at the 2008 Letters & Ligatures show.

  • Ideas 11

    PLINC alphabetic elements commingle with assorted House Industries assets to form amalgamated compositions of screen-borne air-dried pigmentalization.

  • Ideas 12

    West Behemoth provides analog rendering of the worldwide numerical standard and serves as a motivational reminder that all numbers are basic conglomerations of ten simple figures.

  • Ideas 13

    Banjo, semi-transparent air-dried inks and David Dodde’s steady squeegee hand welcomes John Mayer to Los Angeles for his Battle Studies tour.

  • Ideas 14

    Benguiat Caslon forces its way through photographically-exposed silk screens for John Mayer’s New York Battle Studies whistle stop.

  • Ideas 15

    West Barnum Ultra makes a beautiful betrothal with House Industries’ clear lacquered maple valentype blocks from 2010’s season of love.

  • Ideas 16

    Shooting with Photo-Lettering alphabets is as easy as hitting the broad side of a barn, especially with a quiver full of Banjo, West Elephant, Times Square, West Emperor and a few bits from Eames Century Modern.

  • Ideas 17

    Photo-Lettering’s well-thumbed ingenious indexing influenced the modern web-based paradigm used on this site. Only eight-thousand or so alphabets to go!

  • Ideas 18

    Tuggle helped House Industries write an analog infinite loop of redundant latin ligatures for Rick Klotz’s Reserve Gallery. Banjo and West Elephant patterns keep things busy even in slow customer traffic times.

  • Ideas 19

    A single furniture-grade plywood Tuggle ampersand braces up before joining its friends for the long trip to West Hollywood’s Reserve Gallery.

  • Ideas 20

    Freshly pulled Banjo alphabets fill House’s Grand Rapids printing studio with evaporative distillates and aniline-dyed Tuggle ampersands.

  • Ideas 21

    A swashbuckling Tuggle initial cap proclaims potential wearer’s proclivities toward reinvigorated radical runes.

  • Ideas 22

    Tuggle has a checkered past, but even a inexperienced user can create simple letterformed graphics with a solid colorful footing.

  • Ideas 23

    Banjo’s vector outlines make infinitely scalable scales on freshly-caught hand-printed hardwood Koi.

  • Ideas 24

    House Industries crafts people combined reclaimed dotty pine and silvery Times Square for ichiban toro-fresh Koi sashimi.

  • Ideas 25

    Sticky design situations often mask simple alphabetical solutions afforded by assorted PLINC and House Industries alphabets.