Terms of Use

The simplified terms:

  1. You may not make font software or any other typographic system that uses characters generated from photolettering.com.
  2. You may not make products for sale whose shape is derived directly from assets generated from photolettering.com in quantities over 100.


Okay: A setting from photolettering.com on any quantity of T-shirts for sale.

Not okay: Over 100 sticker sheets of individual letters generated from photolettering.com.

Photo-lettering End User License Agreement

This is a binding legal agreement, please read it carefully! By using photolettering.com and artwork delivered from photolettering.com you are agreeing to the terms of this license.

You are permitted to use settings and artwork delivered from photolettering.com in products, design works, artwork, logos, EPS files, illustrations, animations, for signage services or in entertainment devices and products.

All trademarks, trade names and the designs associated with photolettering.com are the exclusive property of House Industries. This term is contractual in nature and not a mere recitation.

photolettering.com and artwork delivered from photolettering.com may not be decompiled, reverse engineered or copied for resale. You may not incorporate the artwork delivered from photolettering.com into other font software or into any application that creates letterforms or letterform products. photolettering.com may not be used or incorporated into other dynamic character or letterform generation or display systems.

Users of photolettering.com may not create products for sale whose shape is defined by letterforms or artwork generated from photolettering.com in amounts greater than 100 units such as, but not limited to, scrap booking products, rubber stamps, dies for die-cutting, die cut letter products, adhesive letters, rub-on letters, letterform based products, artwork, and/or in devices or applications used to create letterforms or letterform products.

The use of photolettering.com and any artworks delivered therefrom is at your own risk. House Industries expressly disclaims all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. House Industries shall not be liable to you or any other person for any general, special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or other damages arising out of the use of the photolettering.com. Under no circumstances shall House Industries’ liability exceed the price paid by you to use photolettering.com. This license is not transferable and may be revoked in the event of the breach of any term or condition of this license.